Synthetic Turf

Whether it's golf, football, baseball, soccer, or lacrosse, when you’re designing a new play area, you need a surface that can accommodate a lot of action. Few surfaces can handle a terrific volume of activities and take a beating like synthetic turf. Synthetic turf is a great alternative to grass that's designed to look great while providing the ideal play space for just about any recreational activity. And if you're looking for synthetic turf in Carson City, NV, our team is at your service.

Quality Work

Unlike ordinary grass, synthetic turf requires no watering and almost no upkeep. It provides an even surface and a soft landing for those athletic tumbles. Best of all, synthetic turf is available to be played upon year-round and doesn’t disappear during the winter.

A Solution for You

At Countryside Lawns & Landscaping, we provide high quality synthetic turf installation and maintenance. Our resilient line of artificial turf and synthetic grass can be customized to create an optimal recreation space for any hobby or sport.

Level the playing field with synthetic turf for your Carson City, NV property. Call us today for more information or to schedule an estimate.



Designed and Installed Water Falls; with a 40ft Creek running thru the back yard.